INTERVIEW with SANDRO CAVAZZA: “I feel very grateful that after a long journey I get to work with music & I have finally achieved what I have dreamt about for a long time”.

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I am very pleased to announce the first exclusive interview that I got for “EDM Topics” and I am very honored to present a very talented artist: SANDRO CAVAZZA

He is a singer-songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden and in 2014 he won the GRAMMY U’s “Amplifier Center Stage” competition. Sandro has recently collaborated with no other than Avicii for two songs from his new album “Stories”: the first, which was also released as a promotional single, is called “Gonna Love Ya” and features uncredited vocals from Sandro Cavazza and the second collaboration, “Sunset Jesus”, features again Sandro Cavazza’s vocals. Both songs from Avicii’s new album were co-written by Sandro Cavazza. “Sunset Jesus” was also co-produced with Swedish singer Dhani Lennevald, who is known as a former member of Swedish pop music band A*Teens (ABBA Teens).

1. How did you discover your passion for music and which were your first musical influences?

Sandro Cavazza: Well, first of all to me, finding the passion was never the problem, but keeping it is the real challenge. I was very young when I started singing, and I think I wrote my first song around the age of 8/9 and me and my friend was really just going on the swings in the playground and singing Red Hot Chili Peppers songs back then…They always had great melodies in their songs. Wow I still remember it like it was yesterday really.

2. How much has changed your life after the collaboration with Avicii? How did you get to be part of Avicii’s “Stories”?

Sandro Cavazza: I have been working for a long time now with my writing partner/producer Dhani who had shown our hook called “Dreams of gold” at the time, to producer Rami Yacoub who really liked it and he then showed it to Tim (Avicii) who loved it and wanted the hook on a track he had written with Gavin DeGraw amongst others. So that is really how I first became involved with the work on “Stories”.

3. Which are the feelings when you hear yourself singing on the radio, considering that “Gonna Love Ya” peaked number 3 in Swedish Singles Chart and became a hit in your country?

Sandro Cavazza: The feelings…It is really absurd and wonderful at the same time hearing something you have made being shown and shared with the world…Most of the time I can’t really take it in I suppose, but at times I feel very grateful that after a long journey I get to work with music & I have finally achieved what I have dreamt about for a long time. If the song goes well It is of course a lot of fun as well, but I still think that some of my best songs has not been released yet so it is all relative I guess.

4. What are your future plans? Do you think your first album will be released soon?

Sandro Cavazza: Now we are finishing up my EP and all that comes with that, a lot of planning and strategy. It will be a fantastic journey, really. But I will also continue to write better and better songs, that is truly what I love the most & hopefully my musical adventure will take me on to have some great features as well soon!






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